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Figure 1

From: Cell-specific occupancy of an extended repertoire of CREM and CREB binding loci in male germ cells

Figure 1

Summary of CREM Chip-seq data in haploid cells. A. Left hand pie chart shows genomic annotation of CREM binding sites with respect to known RefSeq genes. Promoter associated sites are arbitrarily confined to the regions between -5000 and +2000 bp with respect to the transcription start sites (TSS). The right hand pie chart indicates the frequency of occurrence of consensus or mutated CRE and half CREs at the CREM binding sites. B. Frequency of binding site localisation with respect to TSS. C. CREM ChIP-qPCR on the indicated loci. The GFP ChIP-qPCR is shown as control. Results are from three independent ChIP experiments. In panel C the numbers above each column represent the corresponding number of clustered reads in the ChIP seq experiments.

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