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Table 1 Gene expression changes and senescence signatures.

From: Scoring of senescence signalling in multiple human tumour gene expression datasets, identification of a correlation between senescence score and drug toxicity in the NCI60 panel and a pro-inflammatory signature correlating with survival advantage in peritoneal mesothelioma

Originating Senescence Signatures Genes Expression Direction in Senescence
  p16 Increase
  HMGA1 Increase
  HMGA2 Increase
  HIRA Increase
  ASF1a Increase
DAS Biomarkers H2AFY Increase
[16, 17, 1923] H2AFY2 Increase
  PML Increase
  MMP3 Increase
  53BP1 Increase
  p21 Increase
  Ki67 Decrease
  IL6 Increase
  IL8 Increase
  PAI1 Increase
  IGFBP3 Increase
  IGFBP5 Increase
  IGFBP7 Increase
  IL1A Increase
mSS Biomarkers CXCR2 Increase
[11, 12, 14, 15] IGF1 Decrease
  IGF2 Decrease
  WNT2 Decrease
  CAMP Increase
  STMN1 Increase
  EEF1A1 Increase
  IGF2R Increase
  TGFB1 Increase