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Table 1 G. clavigera strains isolated from Pinus species used for cDNA library construction

From: Gene discovery for the bark beetle-vectored fungal tree pathogen Grosmannia clavigera

ID Isolate ATCC/UAMH accession Isolation origin Host Isolated from Year
1 SLKW1407 UAMH11150 BC/Kamloops P. contorta Gallery 2003
2 ATCC18086 ATCC18086 BC/Cache Creek P. ponderosa Sapwood 1965
3 200-1-14 UAMH11151 BC/Kamloops P. contorta Sexual spore 2004
4 DPLKGT1B UAMH11152 BC/Kelowna P. contorta MPB body 2007
5 H55 UAMH11153 BC/Houston P. contorta MPB body 2003
6 B5 UAMH11154 Alberta/Banff P. contorta MPB body 2003
7 B10 UAMH11155 Alberta/Banff P. contorta MPB body 2003
8 DPCHMC3 * Alberta/Cypress Hills P. contorta MPB mycangia 2007
  1. *Breuil culture collection, Dept. of Wood Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada