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Table 2 Clusters of differentially expressed genes.

From: Gene expression in a paleopolyploid: a transcriptome resource for the ciliate Paramecium tetraurelia

Experiment Cluster Name Number of genes
Autogamy Early peak 373
  Early induction 97
  Intermediate induction 583
  Late induction 36
  Early repression 252
  Late repression 1126
Reciliation Early peak 264
  Gradual induction 695
  Repression 253
Exocytosis Induced 432
  Repressed 94
  1. The clusters were determined by hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed genes, as shown in Figure 1 for the autogamy experiment. Note that for the autogamy experiment, the 2467 genes identified using a Treat model fold-change of 2 were used for hierarchical clustering.