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Table 1 Annotation enrichment analysis of genes regulated in gills by zinc supplementation on DAVID, using zebrafish Unigene gene identifiers.

From: Dynamic transcriptomic profiles of zebrafish gills in response to zinc supplementation

Annotation Type* Category Name Genes P-value**
GOTERM_MF_ALL sequence-specific DNA binding 10 7.40E-04
GOTERM_MF_ALL ligand-dependent nuclear receptor activity 4 3.50E-03
GOTERM_MF_ALL steroid hormone receptor activity 4 3.50E-03
GOTERM_BP_ALL regulation of biological process 16 3.70E-03
GOTERM_BP_ALL regulation of cellular process 15 6.40E-03
GOTERM_BP_ALL biological regulation 17 6.80E-03
GOTERM_CC_ALL nucleus 15 1.00E-02
GOTERM_MF_ALL transcription factor activity 9 1.20E-02
GOTERM_MF_ALL transcription regulator activity 10 1.50E-02
GOTERM_BP_ALL regulation of cellular metabolic process 11 2.30E-02
GOTERM_CC_ALL intracellular part 22 2.40E-02
GOTERM_BP_ALL regulation of gene expression 11 2.50E-02
GOTERM_BP_ALL regulation of metabolic process 11 2.50E-02
GOTERM_BP_ALL regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 10 2.70E-02
GOTERM_BP_ALL transcription, DNA-dependent 10 3.00E-02
GOTERM_BP_ALL RNA biosynthetic process 10 3.10E-02
GOTERM_MF_ALL DNA binding 11 3.20E-02
GOTERM_CC_ALL membrane-bound organelle 16 4.40E-02
GOTERM_CC_ALL intracellular membrane-bound organelle 16 4.40E-02
GOTERM_BP_ALL regulation of transcription 10 4.90E-02
  1. *MF is the abbreviation for molecular function, BP for biological process and CC for cellular component.
  2. ** Categories enriched in the data-set at P < 0.05 and containing three or more genes are listed.