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Table 2 Candidate genes down regulated 2 hrs after mating

From: Mating alters gene expression patterns in Drosophila melanogaster male heads

Gene identifier Gene name Avg. fold change GO Molecular function GO Biological process
CG1897 Drop (Dr) -1.5 DNA binding Central nervous system development
CG2505 α-Esterase-2 (α-Est2) -1.3 Carboxylesterase activity Unknown
CG3200 Rhythmically expressed gene 2 (Reg-2) -1.27 Phosphoglycolate phosphatase activity Metabolic process
CG3926 Serine pyruvate aminotrans-ferase (Spat) -1.34 Serine-pyruvate transamine activity Glyoxylate catabolic process
CG4105 Cytochrome P450-4e3 (Cyp4e3) -1.3 Electron carrier activity Unknown
CG5840   -1.34 Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase activity Proline biosynthetic process
CG6806 Larval serum protein 2 (Lsp2) -1.28 Nutrient reservoir activity Transport
CG7224   -1.16 Unknown Unknown
CG7390 senescence marker protein-30 (smp-30) -1.36 Unknown Unknown
CG8112   -1.42 Sterol O-acyltransferase activity Unknown
CG8846 Thor -1.26 Eukaryotic initation factor 4E binding Immune response
CG9416   -1.25 Sequence-specific DNA binding Regulation of transcription
CG9733   -1.6 Trypsin activity Proteolysis
CG11909 target of brain insulin (tobi) -1.42 α-glucosidase activity Carbohydrate metabolic process
CG11919   -1.36 ATP binding Peroxisome organization and biogenesis
CG16898   -1.68 Unknown Unknown
CG18003   -1.36 Glycolate oxidase activity Metabolic process
CG30489 Cyp12d1-p -1.3 Electron carrier activity Unknown
CG31075   -1.26 Aldehyde dehydrogenase (NAD) activity Pyruvate metabolic process
CG31628 adenosine 3 (ade3) -1.28 Phosphoribo-sylamine-glycine ligase activity Purine base biosynthetic process
CG31689   -1.25 ATPase activity Unknown
CG33462   -4.08 Trypsin activity Proteolysis
  1. Average fold changes, molecular functions and biological processes are shown for 22 genes that are significantly (p < 0.001) down regulated in male heads 2 hrs after mating.