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Table 2 List of operons expressed in tissues

From: Primary transcriptomes of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis reveal proprietary pathways in tissue and macrophages

Operon Function
MAP0150c-MAP0152c Acetyl-coA dehydrogenase
MAP0232c-MAP0237c Cell wall biosynthesis
MAP0564-MAP0569 MCE family
MAP1778c-MAP1780c Lipid metabolism
MAP0107-MAP0116 MCE family
MAP2171c-MAP2177c Mycobactin biosynthesis
MAP3464-MAP3465 ABC transporters
MAP2310c-MAP2314c Fatty acid degradation
MAP1712-MAP1716 Fatty acid biosynthesis
MAP1522-MAP1523 Fatty acid biosynthesis
MAP2569c-MAP2571c Glycosyl transferase