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Table 1 Functional evidence used.

From: Systematic identification of conserved motif modules in the human genome

Source Number of gene sets Number of significant motif modules
   FDR = 0.05 FDR = 0.01
BioCarta 155 0 0
KEGG 168 122,279 10,378
Genmapp 88 5486 14
GO 1141 1,296,621 460,973
PicTar 162 2,645,699 1,647,433
Cancer Module 380 485,850 67,135
Total 2094 2,871,863 1,855,459
  1. The first column lists the different sources of functional evidence. The second column is the number of all gene sets. The third and fourth columns are the number of motif modules whose target genes significantly overlap with the gene sets. All of them except KEGG pathways are downloaded from MSigDB. For KEGG pathways, we directly downloaded from the KEGG ftp site. Only the gene sets with at least ten genes are used.