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Table 3 Similarity between known thioredoxins and the novel Thx-fold families

From: A widespread peroxiredoxin-like domain present in tumor suppression- and progression-implicated proteins

Pfam domain Top PDB hit (PDB ID) p-value Top Scop hit p-value Top Pfam hit p-value Comment
ArsD 3ktb_A Arsenical resistance operon trans-acting repressor 0 d1iloa c.47.1.1 8.7E-10 pfam00462 Glutaredoxin 9.2E-07 Structure known, 3ktb, has Thx fold, as seen by Fatcat and Vast
DUF929 1fo5_A Thioredoxin 0.00015 d1fo5a c.47.1.1 0.00021 PF00085 Thioredoxin 0.00026  
DUF1094 3fhk_A YphP disulfide isomerase 0 d1f9ma c.47.1.1 8.8E-06 pfam09085 Adhes-Ig_like pfam00085 Thioredoxin 1.3E-05
Structure known, 3fhk, has Thx fold as stated by the authors
DUF1223 2axo_A Hypothetical protein 0 d2axoa1 c.47.1.19 0 pfam00462 Glutaredoxin 7.5E-08 Structure known, 2axo, classified as Thx in Scop
DUF1462 1xg8_A Hypothetical protein 0 d1xg8a c.47.1.17 0 pfam05768 DUF836 Glutaredoxin-like 1.5E-05 Structure known, 1xg8, classified as Thx in Scop
DUF2703 1ilo_A Conserved hypothetical protein 8.6E-06 d1iloa c.47.1.1 1.7E-05 PF03135 CagE_TrbE_VirB pfam00462 Glutaredoxin 0.00024
DUF2847 3iv4_A Putative oxidoreductase 0 d1ep7a c.47.1.1 1.8E-10 pfam00085 Thioredoxin 2.1E-08 Structure known, 3iv4, has Thx fold, as stated by the authors
DUF3088 3ir4_A Glutaredoxin 2 1.6E-06 d1k0ma2 c.47.1.5 1.6E-06 PF02798 GST_N 0.00012  
TrbC_Ftype 1dby_A Chloroplast thioredoxin 6.7E-07 d1dbya c.47.1.1 5.8E-07 PF00085 Thioredoxin 4.1E-06  
  1. Similarity scores (HHPred) supporting similarity between thioredoxins
  2. and the nine novel Thx-fold families ArsD, DUF929, DUF1094, DUF1223, DUF1462, DUF2703, DUF2847, DUF3088 and TrbC_Ftype.