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Table 4 Comparison of expression levels (log2ratio) from qRT-PCR and microarray for selected target genes

From: Development and validation of a flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) gene expression oligo microarray

Target Transcript Gene ID Microarray value
qRT-PCR value
Lipoxygenase LOX2 c20715 7.86465 17.6
Chlorophyll a-b binding protein 3C-like c2491 3.9446 7.47
RuBisCO activase 2 c602 4.5263 12.185
DNA-directed RNA polymerase II c21991 0.01865 -0.015
Calmodulin TaCaM2-1 c24118 -0.10225 0.295
Ubiquitin carboxyl- terminal hydrolase c9380 0.05875 0.215
Cellulose synthase c2533 -4.5911 -7.37
Laccase c3323 -6.3722 -7.31
Fasciclin-like AGP 4 c2370 -6.7035 -9.72
  1. Gene expression was calculated as log2ratio of L vs SIGC samples, using mean signal intensity across three technical replicates of each sample. Values >1 indicate up-regulation, and values <-1 indicate down-regulation.