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Table 4 Novel miRNA target genes identified

From: A computational-based update on microRNAs and their targets in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

miRNA family miRNA name Unigene Unigene annotation Functional annotation
390 miR390 Hv.15993 protease inhibitor, seed storage, lipid transfer protein (LTP) family protein lipid transport
441 miR1126 Hv.10635 beta-adaptin protein transport
  miR1126 Hv.25101 ankyrin protein kinase, serine/threonine protein kinase regulation in signal transduction
  miR1126 Hv.18172 protein coding unknown function
  miR1126 Hv.5267 SRT2, DNA binding vernalization, auxin signalling
818 miR818+1436 Hv.11323 protein coding unknown function
  miR818+1436 Hv.9623 NLI interacting factor (NIF) family protein phosphatase activity
  miR1436 Hv.8609 Coproporphyrinogen III oxidase chlorophyll biosynthesis
  miR1436 Hv.16854 P-loop NTPase superfamily unknown function
  miR1436 Hv.8351 protein coding unknown function
  miR1436 Hv.28025 protein coding unknown function
  miR1436 Hv.27779 Vps51 superfamily vescicular transport
  miR1436 Hv.19811 ILL3 (IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1-like 3), metallopeptidase stress and hormone response
  miR1436 Hv.18734 MAP kinase signal transduction, stress signalling
  miR1436 Hv.15543 protein coding unknown function
  miR1436 Hv.12920 PKc-like superfamily abiotic stress resistance
  miR1436 Hv.11057 Integral membrane family protein endomembrane system
  miR1436 Hv.3476 protein coding unknown function
  miR1439 Hv.19109 PKc-like superfamily unknown function
  miR1439 Hv.23816 exo-endo-phos superfamily unknown function
  miR1439 Hv.11224 tatD-related deoxyribonuclease family protein deoxyribonuclease activity
821 miR821 Hv.3660 GDH1 (Glutamate dehydrogenase) nitrogen metabolism
1030 miR1030 Hv.12064 AS1/ATMYB91/ATPHAN/MYB91 (ASYMMETRIC LEAVES 1, MYB DOMAIN PROTEIN) transcription factor
  miR1030 Hv.7960 protein coding unknown function
  miR1030 Hv.14867 RNA recognition motif (RRM)-containing protein post-transcriptional gene expression processes
1119 miR1119 Hv.29225 protein coding unknown function
  miR1119 Hv.29210 protein coding unknown function
  miR1119 Hv.27666 protein coding unknown function
  miR1119 Hv.23883 ADF2 (ACTIN DEPOLYMERIZING FACTOR 2), actin binding actin turnover, stress response, plant defense signalling pathway
  miR1119 Hv.23689 RRM superfamily, RNA binding involved in post-transcriptional gene expression processes
  miR1119 Hv.23343 molybdenum cofactor sulfurase family protein, superfamily stress response
1120 miR1120 Hv.21827 protein coding unknown function
  miR1121 Hv.464 serine/threonine kinase response to salt stress
  miR1121 Hv.20180 Kelch repeat-containing protein unknown function
  miR1121 Hv.2132 protein coding unknown function
  miR1121 Hv.26959 POK (POKY POLLEN TUBE) pollen tube growth
  miR1121 Hv.20763 SRG1 (SENESCENCE-RELATED GENE 1), oxidoreductase flavonoid biosyntetic processes and senescence
  miR1121 Hv.20600 serine/threonine protein kinase, PKc-like superfamily abiotic stress resistance
  miR1121 Hv.12124 ATPase family AAA domain-containing protein unknown function
  miR1121 Hv.10391 protein coding unknown function
  miR1121 Hv.9294 protein coding unknown function
  miR1121 Hv.6581 protein coding unknown function
  miR1121 Hv.6532 ATPase-Plipid, haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase family protein ATPase activity
  miR1121 Hv.4756 FAR1 superfamily, MULE transposon domain light control of development
  miR1121 Hv.3142 CRS1-YhbY (CRM domain) superfamily RNA binding/intron splicing
1122 miR1122 Hv.12219 serine/threonine protein kinase, PKc-like superfamily abiotic stress resistance
  miR1128+1133 Hv.23560 indole-3-glycerol phosphate synthase, TIM-phosphate binding superfamily aminoacid biosynthesis
  miR1128+1133 Hv.679 UBIQUITIN CARRIER PROTEIN, ubiquitin-protein ligase ubiquitination
  miR1128+ 1133+1136 Hv.26146 AIM1 (ABNORMAL INFLORESCENCE MERISTEM), enoyl-CoA hydratase auxin metabolism
  miR1128+1135 Hv.23257 integral membrane HPP family protein unknown function
  miR1128+1135 Hv.21122 SOS5 (SALT OVERLY SENSITIVE 5) salt signalling/osmo-stress
  miR1128 Hv.17314 protein coding unknown function
  miR1128 Hv.14876 ARF-GAP DOMAIN, C2 superfamily vescicle traffic/development
  miR1128+1133 Hv.12752 ATP-dependent peptidase, ATPase, metallopeptidase peptidase activity
  miR1128+ 1133+1136 Hv.6454 oligopeptide transporter oligopeptide transporter
  miR1128+1133 Hv.3596 Cysteine hydrolases, catalytic/nicotinamidase response to abscisic acid stimulus
  miR1133 Hv.14592 pathogenesis related protein-1 plant defense
  miR1133 Hv.12091 oxidoreductase, zinc-binding dehydrogenase family protein stress response
  miR1133 Hv.28954 HLH superfamily transcription factor
  miR1133 Hv.28555 serine/threonine protein kinase, PKc-like superfamily abiotic stress resistance
  miR1133 Hv.4244 CTP synthase CTP synthase activity
  miR1135 Hv.5272 Epidermal growth factor receptor-like protein vacuolar transport
  miR1135 Hv.223 Limit dextrinase carbohydrate metabolic process
  miR1135 Hv.18515 ubiquitin family protein ubiquitination
  miR1135 Hv.16976 HEAT repeat-containing protein unknown function
  miR1135 Hv.16897 ATTPS6 (A. thaliana trehalose phosphatase/synthase 6), transferase, transferring glycosyl groups, trehalose-phosphatase development
1130 miR1130 Hv.12920 PKc-like superfamily abiotic stress response
1134 miR1134 Hv.29810 WRKY transcription factor transcription factor
  miR1134 Hv.29222 ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase large subunit carbon fixation
  miR1134 Hv.22973 octopine synthase binding factor1, ATBZIP53 (BASIC REGION/LEUCINE ZIPPER MOTIF 53), DNA binding/protein heterodimerization/sequence-specific DNA binding/transcription factor stress response
  miR1134 Hv.22600 fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase family protein tyrosine catabolism
  miR1134 Hv.9579 L-asparaginase, putative/L-asparagine amidohydrolase, putative nitrogen metabolism
  miR1134 Hv.239 AWPM-19-like membrane family protein freezing tolerance
  miR1134 Hv.26138 AWPM-19-like membrane family protein freezing tolerance
  miR1134 Hv.24001 dehydrin family protein stress response
  miR1134 Hv.23108 B3-hordein fragment seed storage protein
  miR1134 Hv.23080 ATNUDT17 (A. thaliana Nudix hydrolase homolog 17) hydrolase activity
  miR1134 Hv.16060 Sulfotransferase domain sulfotransferase activity
1438 miR1438 Hv.26216 RAP2.2, AP2 superfamily transcription factor
1533 miR1533 Hv.29041 aldehyde dehydrogenase stress response
1846 miR1846 Hv.19467 UDP-GLUCOSYL TRANSFERASE stress response
1848 miR1848 Hv.6944 Pollen_Ole_e_I super family unknown function
1862 miR1862 Hv.26602 protein coding unknown function
1867 miR1867 Hv.18578 FLAVODOXIN-LIKE QUINONE REDUCTASE 1 auxin response gene
  miR1867 Hv.1368 ATPase, coupled to transmembrane movement of substances ATPase activity
1871 miR1871 Hv.28885 protein coding unknown function
2091 miR2091 Hv.6058 FKBP superfamily regulation of photosyntetic process/stress response/plant hormone pathways
2094 miR2094 Hv.699 RNA binding RNA binding
2102 miR2102 Hv.22799 RNA binding stress response