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Table 2 Occurrence of transposable elements (TEs) in the B. alternatus venom gland cDNA library.

From: A transcriptomic analysis of gene expression in the venom gland of the snake Bothrops alternatus (urutu)

Family Name Genus in which originally described B. alternatus unisequences
RTE BovB Vipera (snake) 120
CR1 CR1_HS Homo (human) 19
L2 LINE2_CH1 Crotalus (snake) 15
hAT HAT3_MD Monodelphis (rat) 13
L2 LINE2_NT1 Natrix (snake) 8
hAT-Charlie SPIN_Ml Myotis (bat) 6
hAT-Charlie URR1_Xt Xenopus (frog) 4
L2 LINE2_WA1 Walterinnesia (snake) 3
hAT-Charlie SPIN_Og Otolemur (primate) 3
TcMar-Tc1 Tc1-3_Xt Xenopus (frog) 3
hAT-Charlie nhAT4b_ML Myotis (bat) 2
hAT-Charlie SPIN_NA_6_Et Echinops (plant) 2
Sauria AFESINE Azemiops (snake) 1
R4 Rex6 Takifugu (fish) 1
TcMar-Tc1 Tc1-2_FR Takifugu (fish) 1
TcMar-Tc1 TZF28B Danio (fish) 1
  1. The most frequently encountered TE was BovB, also identified in Vipera.