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Table 2 Protein identification in the shell matrix of P. margaritifera by a proteomic approach.

From: Transcriptome and proteome analysis of Pinctada margaritifera calcifying mantle and shell: focus on biomineralization

Protein Matching peptides Mascot score Homolog protein Accession no. Identity E-Value Species
Pmarg -Pif177 26 1402 Pif177* C7G0B5 72% 0.0 P. fucata
Pmarg -N66 16 759 N66* Nacrein* Q9NL38 Q27908 81% 67% 0.0 1 e-123 P. maxima P. fucata
Pmarg -PFMG10 9 519 PFMG10 Q45TK0 56% 4 e-52 P. fucata
Pmarg -Linkine 6 278 Linkine B5KFE5 100% 4 e-62 P. margaritifera
Pmarg -Pearlin 6 183 Perline* N14/Pearlin* Q14WA6 Q9NL39 96% 92% 2 e-85 2 e-82 P. margaritifera P. maxima
Pmarg -Shematrin-2 4 340 Shematrin-8 Shematrin-2* B5KFD0 Q1MW95 96% 68% 1 e-142 2 e-85 P. margaritifera P. fucata
Pmarg -Pfty-1 4 285 Pfty-1* A1IHF0 59% 1 e-146 P. fucata
Pmarg -Shematrin-5 4 248 Shematrin-5 Q1MW92 54% 1 e-68 P. fucata
Pmarg -MSI60 3 181 MSI60* O02402 78% 1 e-120 P. fucata
Pmarg -MPN88 3 126 MPN88 B7X6S0 47% 2 e-87 P. fucata
Pmarg -KRMP-2 3 121 KRMP-11 KRMP-2 A7X103 C4TPC8 88% 56% 1 e-30 7 e-14 P. margaritifera P. fucata
Pmarg -Shematrin-1 2 189 Shematrin-9 Shematrin-1* B5KFD1 Q1MW96 98% 65% 4 e-99 8 e-62 P. margaritifera P. fucata
Pmarg -Prismalin-14 2 149 Prismalin-14* Q6F4C6 68% 5 e-40 P. fucata
  1. The trypsin-digest peptides were separated on nano-LC, prior to nanoESI-qQ-TOF analysis. The MS/MS spectra were used for searching against the pyrosequencing based EST mantle library with Mascot software. We only considered proteins that presented at least 2 matching peptides. Mascot protein scores are indicated together with the number of unique peptides that matched to the sequence. The homologies were determined by BlastP interrogations against UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot protein database (January 2010) using the UniProt on-line tool, setting parameters to default. We only show here the best matches for the contigs which protein sequences are the homologues of already known mollusk shell proteins. We notice that all matches are from Pinctada genus origin.
  2. * indicates proteins which the occurrence in shell matrix was previously demonstrated by direct biochemical characterization.