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Figure 6

From: Genomic tools development for Aquilegia: construction of a BAC-based physical map

Figure 6

Syntenies shared between Aquilegia and V. vinifera. A total of 54 syntenies, where both pair-end sequences from the same BAC match the same locus in Vitis genome, were identified by SyMAP analysis. The black dots in green Vitis bars indicate all annotated ESTs from the Vitis genome. The blue Aquilegia bars are the Aquilegia contigs that have syntenies aligned to Vitis genome. The name of each contig was described in each bar. The contigs were arranged based on the order of their corresponding orthologs in Vitis genome. The contigs assigned to the same Aquilegia "pseudochromosome" (marked as Aquilegia chr 0) may not overlap each other. There might be gaps among the contigs in the same "pseudochromosome". The purple lines connecting the green Vitis bars and blue Aquilegia bars indicate the match syntenies.

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