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Table 6 Aquilegia physical contigs mapped by 16 markers potentially involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis

From: Genomic tools development for Aquilegia: construction of a BAC-based physical map

TC Marker Contig (length in kb) Map position (Linkage group/cM)
TC32786 na na
TC21211 ctg284 (3869) na
TC21486 ctg768 (1190) na
TC24814 ctg3509 (5544) na
TC29760 ctg3160 (1671) na
TC21880 ctg2888 (1403) na
TC27360 ctg509 (1278) 1/12.9a
TC26594 ctg814 (1591) na
TC21922 ctg1119 (2361) na
TC33100 ctg823 (2190) na
TC22565 ctg549 (2752) na
TC30032 ctg348 (2228) na
TC31785 ctg636 (668) na
TC22820 ctg3306 (746) na
TC26722 ctg537 (891) na
TC30722 ctg849 (945) na
  1. actg509 was mapped based on a second marker, TC14816, in this contig