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Table 2 Effect of ftrA and ftrB deletion on the transcriptome of LVS

From: Identification of small RNAs in Francisella tularensis

Locusa Gene product Fold-change in ftrAb Fold change in ftrBb
FTL_0045 orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase 1.8 NA
FTL_0207 pyrrolidone-carboxylate peptidase 2.6 NA
FTL_0902 oxidoreductase 1.8 NA
FTL_1922 YggT family protein 10.8 NA
FTL_0324 pseudogene NA 0.7
FTL_0421 lipoprotein NA 0.7
FTL_0836 hypothetical protein NA 8.2
FTL_1754 hypothetical membrane protein NA 1.5
FTL_1966 anthranilate synthase component I NA 0.7
  1. a Genes included had ≥1.5 average fold-change in mRNA level (calculated for all spots) and for which each of the five spots for the gene on the microarray had fold-changes ≥1.2
  2. b Change in mRNA level in mutant strain compared to wild-type LVS