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Figure 5

From: Analyses of genome architecture and gene expression reveal novel candidate virulence factors in the secretome of Phytophthora infestans

Figure 5

PITG_02930: Berberine bridge enzyme. A) Multiple sequence alignment showing the sequence similarity between PITG_02930 and its paralogs and well-characterized plant and fungal homologs. The FAD binding residues are indicated by *. Proteins belonging to the P. infestans secretome are labeled with a signal peptide (SigP.) icon. Aligned regions are numbered in the same way as in panel B to facilitate matching to the predicted protein structure. Regions indicated in blue show better conservation than regions in pink. B) Modeled protein structure of PITG_02930 with the regions shown in panel A highlighted. C) Position of PITG_02930 and other P. infestans BBEs on the FIR heat map of P. infestans (Figure 2B). D) in planta expression pattern of the five P. infestans BBEs. Expression of the effector gene Avr3a is given as a reference. Dpi, days post inoculation.

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