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Table 1 Main features of the 19 novel candidate virulence genes from P. infestans plastic secretome.

From: Analyses of genome architecture and gene expression reveal novel candidate virulence factors in the secretome of Phytophthora infestans

Gene FIRs (Kb)a Swissprot BlastP (e-value)b Pfam (e-value)c IF 2 dpid Commentse
PITG_01659 2248 - 24885 No hit No hit 2.0x  
PITG_02545 1657 - 14983 Pectinesterase (7e-63) PF01095 Pectinesterase(1e-48) 5.7x CWDE
PITG_02700 13752 - 14329 Chymotrypsinogen B2 (5e-22) PF00089 Trypsin (1e-41) 3.5x Detailed in Figure 4
PITG_02930 6988 - 2141 6-hydroxy-D-nicotine oxidase (2e-13) PF01565 FAD binding (2e-20)PF08031 BBE (9e-08) 6.5x Detailed in Figure 5
PITG_04202 8616 - 13236 No hit No hit 9.8x Detailed in Figure 7 SCR (94aa, 6.4% C)
PITG_06212 26186 - 23867 No hit No hit 3.5x Detailed in Figure 8 RCP (232 aa, 11.2% G)
PITG_06957 24029 - 3888 No hit No hit 2.1x Detailed in Figure 8 RCP (247aa, 21.5% G)
PITG_07213 3344 - 18922 HEAT repeat-containing protein 1 homolog (3e-04) No hit 2.6x Secreted SCR (114 aa, 6.1% C)
PITG_07586 14222 - 25733 No hit PB012569 (8e-07) 2.6x  
PITG_08563 29269 - 8440 Probable pectin lyase F-2 (4e-56) PB000314 (4.e-20)PF00544 Pectate lyase C (6e-12) 2.0x CWDE
PITG_16958 6840 - 15261 No hit PB013434 Pfam-B_13434 (7e-154) 9.8x Pep13 motif of transglutaminase elicitor
PITG_17477 ND - 5531 No hit No hit 2.0x Detailed in Figure 8 RCP (374aa, 36.1% G)
PITG_18284 35643 - ND Carbonic anhydrase (2e-21) PF00194 Carbonic anhydrase (7e-30) 5.3x Detailed in Figure 6
PITG_20953 7474 - 9088 Putative glucose-6-P 1-epimerase (8e-29) PF01263 Aldose epimerase (5e-22) 2.0x CWDE
PITG_21363 33627 - ND No hit No hit 3.5x  
PITG_22638 ND - ND Mannose-P-dolichol utilization defect 1 (2e-11) PF04193 PQ-loop (3e-13) 2.0x  
PITG_22758 108426 - 12121 Alpha-N-arabino-furanosidase B (4e-102) PF09206 Alpha-L-arabino-furanosidase B (7e-127) 2.8x CWDE
PITG_22899 2414 - 21611 No hit PF01419 Jacalin (3e-09) 4.6x CWDE
PITG_23138 32957 - 16047 No hit No hit 2.5x Truncated RXLR effector
  1. aLength of flanking intergenic regions: ND, not determined. b Best BlastP hit against swissprot database. cPfam domains found. dGene induction fold (IF) 2 days post inoculation (dpi) in potato: expressed as fold of gene expression in mycelia. eaa, amino-acid, % of cysteine or glycine residues indicated in some cases, CWDE, Cell Wall Degrading Enzyme, SCR, RCP