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Table 3 KEGG pathway associated with Hr overexpression

From: Gene expression profile of the skin in the 'hairpoor' (HrHp) mice by microarray analysis

KEGG Pathway Gene Counts p-value
Cell Communication 7 5.04E-11
Pancreatic cancer 5 5.36E-09
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton 4 2.70E-05
Prostate cancer 4 1.07E-06
Glioma 4 3.80E-07
Small cell lung cancer 4 1.54E-06
Melanoma 4 6.03E-07
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 4 1.09E-04
Fatty acid metabolism 4 8.29E-08
Purine metabolism 4 1.37E-05
Focal adhesion 4 3.24E-05
MAPK signaling pathway 4 1.29E-04
Chronic myeloid leukemia 4 8.13E-07
Pantothenate and CoA biosynthesis 3 9.40E-07
PPAR signaling pathway 3 5.12E-05
Oxidative phosphorylation 3 1.23E-04
Colorectal cancer 3 6.81E-05
Bladder cancer 3 8.74E-06
Non-small cell lung cancer 3 8.07E-06