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Figure 7

From: Bioinformatic analysis of ESTs collected by Sanger and pyrosequencing methods for a keystone forest tree species: oak

Figure 7

Gene ontology classification of OakContigV1 using GO slim terms of plants. GO terms were assigned by BlastX against SWISS_PROT database with e-value cut-off of 1e-5. GO slim terms are as follows for Biological process (A): A, Transport; B, Response to stress; C, Catabolic process; D, Protein modification process; E, Carbohydrate metabolic process; F, Transcription; G, Signal transduction; H, Cellular amino acid and derivative metabolic process; I, Translation; J, Generation of precursor metabolites and energy; K, Response to abiotic stimulus; L, Lipid metabolic process; M, Response to endogenous stimulus; N, Cell death; O, Secondary metabolic process; P, Response to biotic stimulus; Q, Cell cycle; R, Photosynthesis; S, DNA metabolic process; T, Cell differentiation; U, Others (Embryonic development, Cellular homeostasis, Cell growth, Flower development, Regulation of gene expression, epigenetic, Pollen-pistil interaction, Ripening, Response to extracellular stimulus, Tropism, Cell-cell signaling, Behavior and Abscission), for Molecular function (B) as follows: A, Nucleotide binding; B, Kinase activity; C, Transporter activity; D, Receptor activity; E, RNA binding; F, Structural molecule activity; G, Transcription factor activity; H, Nuclease activity; I, Carbohydrate binding; J, Enzyme regulator activity; K, Translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding; L, Others (Motor activity, Chromatin binding, Receptor binding, Oxygen binding and Sterol carrier activity) and for Cellular component (C) as follows: A, Plastid; B, Plasma membrane; C, Mitochondrion; D, Cytosol; E, Ribosome; F, Endoplasmic reticulum; G, Thylakoid; H, Cell wall; I, Golgi apparatus; J, Nucleolus; K, Cytoskeleton; L, Peroxisome; M, Nucleoplasm; N, Endosome; O, Others (Nuclear envelope, Lysosome, Extracellular space and Proteinaceous extracellular matrix).

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