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Table 3 Protein functional categories for significantly induced genes by HMF during the lag phase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

From: Comparative transcriptome profiling analyses during the lag phase uncover YAP1, PDR1, PDR3, RPN4, and HSF1 as key regulatory genes in genomic adaptation to the lignocellulose derived inhibitor HMF for Saccharomyces cerevisiae

MIPS ID Functionary category p-value Entries
01 Metabolism Degradation of proline 7.82E-04 PUT2, PUT1* Degradation of arginine 3.94E-04 PUT1, CAR1 Sulfate assimilation 3.54E-03 MET3, MET14
14 Protein fate (folding, modification, destination)
14.07.11 Protein processing (proteolytic) 4.05E-09 PRE7, ATG8, RPT2, RPT3, PRE1, PUP3, RPN12, PRE3, PRE6, RPT4, PRE10
14.13 Protein/peptide degradation 3.97E-11 PRE7, SHP1, ATG8, NPL4, RPT2, RPN4, RPT3, RPN9, PRE1, PUP3, DDI1, OTU1, RPN12, ECM29, YHR138c, PRE3, PRE6, RPT4, PRE10
16 Protein with binding function or cofactor requirement (structural or catalytic)
16.19.03 ATP binding 1.52E-03 RPT2, SNQ2, RPT3, PDR15, YOR1, PDR5, RPT4, PDR12
20 Cellular transport, transport facilities and transport routes
20.01.27 Drug/toxin transport 4.70E-06 SNQ2, YOR1, TPO1, PDR5, TPO4, PDR12
20.03.22 Transport ATPases 3.68E-04 SNQ2, YOR1, RSB1, PDR5, PDR12
20.03.25 ABC transporters 1.44E-05 SNQ2, PDR15, YOR1, PDR5, PDR12
32 Cell rescue, defense and virulence Chemical agent resistance 1.73E-05 SNQ2, MAG1, YOR1, YAP1, PDR5
  1. * Proteins in bold indicate functions involved in more than one category