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Table 2 Putative virulence factors in NRG857c genome

From: Genome sequence of adherent-invasive Escherichia coli and comparative genomic analysis with other E. coli pathotypes

Locus Tag Gene Name Identity (%) Function Related Pathotype
NRG857_00540 hcpA 89 adherence EHEC
NRG857_05010 csgE 100 assembly/transport component in curli production Common
NRG857_17655 lpfA2 85 major fimbrial subunit of Long Polar Fimbriae (Lpf), named lpfA2 EPEC, EHEC
NRG857_21765 fimA 77 major fimbrial subunit of type 1 fimbriae Common
NRG857_21795 fimH 99 adhesin of type 1 fimbriae Common
Iron acquisition/Transport systems
NRG857_06120 fepC 79 ferric enterobactin transport ATP-binding protein UPEC, EHEC
NRG857_09890 irp2 95 yersiniabactin biosynthetic protein UPEC
NRG857_09895 irp1 91 yersiniabactin biosynthetic protein UPEC
NRG857_09915 fyuA 95 pesticin/yersiniabactin receptor protein UPEC
NRG857_17390 chuA 94 outer membrane receptor protein, heme utilization/transport protein UPEC, EHEC
Capsular and somatic antigens
NRG857_14650 kpsM-II 94 involved in polysialic acid transport, group II (K1, K4, K5, K7, K12, K92...)  
Haemolysins and haemagglutinins
NRG857_06035 clyA 95 cytolysin, cell lysis ETEC
NRG857_01335 tsh 78 temperature-sensitive hemagglutinin of avian E. coli, autotransporter APEC
NRG857_00835 htrA/degP 97 stress protein, serine endoprotease common
NRG857_02540 ompT 99 outer membrane protein 3b, other name: protease VII common
NRG857_02570 ibeB 88 invasion gene locus (penetration of brain microvascular endothelial cells), putative resistance protein, putative outer membrane lipoprotein of copper ion antiporter common
NRG857_04350 ompA 89 outer membrane protein (OMPA or OMPII) common
NRG857_05660 iss2 100 gene for increased serum survival (similar to bacteriophage lambda Bor) common
NRG857_07375 gadB 98 glutamate decarboxylase B, isozyme (amino acid catabolism and metabolism) common
NRG857_11240 ompC 100 outer membrane protein common
NRG857_13905 malX 94 maltose and glucose-specific IIABC component, pathogenicity island associated UPEC
NRG857_15695 nlpI 100 lipoprotein common
NRG857_17475 gadA 99 glutamate decarboxylase A, isozyme (amino acid catabolism and metabolism) common
NRG857_19245 dsbA 100 oxidoreductase, thiol:disulfide interchange protein dsbA common
NRG857_21885 ibeA 91 invasion protein, E. coli invasion of the blood-brain barrier, other name: ibe10 MENEC
Putative virulence associated genes
NRG857_00565 usp 93 uropathogenic specific protein (putative virulence island of UPEC) UPEC
NRG857_00950 cadA 68 lysine decarboxylase common
NRG857_03880 artJ 92 L-arginine periplasmic binding protein, supposed to be involved in virulence common
NRG857_05150 mviM 93 putative virulence factor common
NRG857_05155 mviN 86 putative virulence factor common
NRG857_05410 b1121 90 hypothetical protein ycfZ, homologous to virulence factor common
NRG857_19995 yjaA 100 hypothetical protein common
NRG857_20725 cadA 99 Lysine decarboxylase common
NRG857_20730 cadB 100 Lysine:cadaverine antiporter common
NRG857_22200 nadAB 99 meningococcal adhesion, NAD biosynthesis common
Colicins and microcins
NRG857_30019 cvaC 83 structural gene for microcin V common
NRG857_30029 cma 99 structural gene for colicin M common
Iron acquisition/Transport systems
NRG857_30008 iroB 93 siderophore common
NRG857_30010 iroC 91 siderophore common
NRG857_30012 iroD 99 siderophore common
NRG857_30013 iroE 93 siderophore common
NRG857_30015 iroN 97 siderophore common
NRG857_30235 iutA 95 cloacin DF13/aerobactin outer membrane receptor protein common
NRG857_30237 iucD 96 gene of the aerobactin operon, first product of the aerobactin biosynthesis pathway common
NRG857_30184 traT 84 complement resistance protein common
NRG857_30283 ompT 76 outer membrane protein 3b, other name: protease VII common
NRG857_30309 iss2 100 gene for increased serum survival (similar to Bacteriophage lambda Bor) common
Antimicrobial resistance
NRG857_30085 blaTEM 94 ampicillin common
NRG857_30067 tetC 71 tetracycline common
NRG857_30068 tetA 91 tetracycline common
NRG857_30075 catI 100 chloramphenicol common
NRG857_30100 dhfrI 99 trimethoprim common
NRG857_30095 sulII 93 sulfonamides common
NRG857_30104 sulI 100 sulfonamides common