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Table 3 Results of blinded testing on viral isolate samples from Robert Tesh at University of Texas, Medical Branch

From: A microbial detection array (MDA) for viral and bacterial detection

ID Culture results Array results
--- Vero cells not infected Background signal
TVP-11180 Punta Toro Punta Toro virus strain Adames
TVP-11181 Thogoto Thogoto virus strain IIA
TVP-11182 Dengue 4 Dengue 4 strain ThD4_0734_00
TVP-11183 CTF Colorado tick fever virus
TVP-11184 Cache Valley Cache Valley genome RNA for N and NSs proteins
TVP-11185 Ilheus Ilheus virus
TVP-11186 EHD-NJ Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus isolate 1999_MS-B NS3
TVP-11187 La Crosse La Crosse virus strain LACV
TVP-11188 SF Sicilian Sandfly fever Sicilian virus
TVP-11189 VSV-NJ Not detected
TVP-11191 Ross River Ross River virus