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Table 4 Drug resistance mutations among R220 cluster isolates.

From: The non-clonality of drug resistance in Beijing-genotype isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the Western Cape of South Africa

strain resist. sens. katG inhA rpoB embB pncA rrs rpsL gyrA
R1909 IRB   wt c-15t, I194T S450L M306V D8N a1401g wt wt
R1842 I RB wt c-15t S450L M306V wt c517t wt D94A
X122 IRO EAB wt c-15t S450L M306I Y103* wt K43R D94G
R1390 I   wt c-15t wt wt wt wt wt wt
X189 IRACOK ES wt c-15t, I194T S450L M306V 881 bp del a1401g wt D94A
R1505 IR B wt c-15t H445Y wt wt wt wt wt
R1441 I RB wt c-15t wt M306I wt wt wt wt
X29 IRASK BOCE wt c-15t wt M306V 8 bp del a1401g wt wt
  1. wt = wild-type, I = isoniazid, R = rifampicin, S = streptomycin, A = amikacin, C = capreomycin, K = kanamycin, E = ethionamide, B = ethambutol, O = ofloxacin.