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Table 8 Genes encoded by the chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes showing attenuated regulation in 35S:ABF3 plants

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals absence of unintended effects in drought-tolerant transgenic plants overexpressing the transcription factor ABF3

Probe Set    2 h 24 h
ID AGI Annotation Control 35S:ABF3 Control 35S:ABF3
Electron transport activity
266045_s_at At2g07727/AtMg00220 Cytochrome b (MTCYB) (COB) (CYTB)/apocytochrome b (cob) 2.060    
244903_at AtMg00660 Hypothetical protein (orf149) 1.645    
244977_at AtCg00730 Subunit IV of cytochrome b6/f complex (petD)* 2.993   3.118  
NADH dehydrogenases
244943_at AtMg00070 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 9 (nad9) 1.338    1.416
257337_at AtMg00060 NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 (nad5) (Transplice part 3 of 3) 1.413    
244933_at AtCg01070 NADH dehydrogenase ND4L (ndhE)* 1.733    
244994_at AtCg01010 Chloroplast encoded NADH dehydrogenase unit (ndhF)* 3.240    
244934_at AtCg01080 NADH dehydrogenase ND6 (ndhG)* 2.465    
244991_s_at AtCg00890/AtCg01250 NADH dehydrogenase ND2 (ndhB)* 3.528    
RNA processing
244999_at AtCg00190 RNA polymerase subunit beta (rpoB)* 2.792    
245005_at AtCg00330 Chloroplast ribosomal protein s14 (rps14)* 3.796   3.644  
244970_at AtCg00660 Ribosomal protein L20 (rpl20)* 2.379    
244939_at AtCg00065 Ribosomal protein s12 (Transplice part 1 of 2) (rps12.1)* 1.653    
ATPase subunits
244995_at AtCg00150 Subunit of ATPase complex CF0 (atpI)* 2.049    
266012_s_at AtMg00410/AtMg01170/At2g07699/At2g07741 ATPase subunit 6 1.924    
257319_at AtMg01100 Hypothetical protein (orf105a) 1.181    
244989_s_at AtCg00860/AtCg01280 Expressed protein (ycf2)* 3.493    
245008_at AtCg00360 Protein required for photosystem I assembly and stability (ycf3)* 2.371    
244990_s_at AtCg00870/AtCg01270 Hypothetical protein (ycf15/orf77)* 3.607    2.841
245016_at AtCg00500 Acetyl-CoA carboxylase carboxyl transferase subunit beta (accD)* 1.452    
266014_s_at At2g07722/AtMg00170/AtMg00620 Hypothetical protein 1.987    
  1. Values are log2 fold changes.
  2. * indicates gene is encoded by the chloroplast genome.
  3. indicates gene is encoded by the mitochondrial genome.