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Table 11 Diploid and tetraploid species used for the development of genome-specific primers

From: Nucleotide diversity maps reveal variation in diversity among wheat genomes and chromosomes

Species Database code Genome Line Origin
T. urartu Tu01 A PI428198 = G1812 Turkey
T. urartu Tu02 A ICTW600161 (ICARDA) Syria
Ae. speltoides As01 S F4 /2-12-4//PI136909-12-II/134-1 Experimental line
Ae. speltoides As02 S F4 /2-12-4//PI136909-12-II/134-2 Experimental line
Ae. tauschii At01 D AL8/78 Armenia
Ae. tauschii At02 D AS75 China
T. turgidum ssp. durum Lgd1 through 12 AB Langdon, 12 clones Cultivar