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Figure 5

From: miRNeye: a microRNA expression atlas of the mouse eye

Figure 5

Expression patterns of miRNAs detected in the cornea by ISH. (A): Representative examples of miRNA expression that could be detected in the cornea (red arrowheads) already at P0. Expression in the corneal epithelium persisted throughout life and was detected also at P8 and P60. (B): Two basic patterns of miRNA expression were observed in the adult cornea. For some miRNAs (examples in left column) corneal expression was restricted in the epithelium (red arrowheads), while for others (examples in right column) it was detected both in the epithelium (red arrowheads) and endothelium (blue arrowheads). miR-31 was not detected in the limbal region (limbus, arrow). Abbreviations: co = Cornea.

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