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Table 1 Human kinases taking part in microtubule protein phosphorylation and cell division regulation [2830]; in italics are kinases plant homologues of which were identified in the present study

From: Bioinformatic search of plant microtubule-and cell cycle related serine-threonine protein kinases

Protein kinase GenBank (mRNA) Gene Locus UniProt
SLK (KIAA0204, LOSK, MGC133067, STK2, bA16H23.1, se20-9)[32, 33, 47] NM_014720 NC_000010.10 Chr.10; Loc.10q25.1 Q9H2G2
PAK7 (RP5-1119D9.3, KIAA1264, MGC26232, PAK5) [35, 39] NM_177990 NC_000020.10 Chr.20; Loc.20p12 Q9P286
PAK6 (PAK5) [35, 39] NM_020168 NC_000015.9 Chr.15; Loc.15q14 Q9NQU5
MARK1 (KIAA1477, MARK, MGC126512, MGC126513) [34] NM_018650 NC_000001.10 Chr.1; Loc.1q41 Q9P0L2
MAST2 (MTSSK, MAST205, FLJ39200, KIAA0807, RP4-533D7.1)[45] NM_015112 NC_000001.10 Chr.1; Loc.1p34.1 Q6P0Q8
TTBK1 (BDTK, KIAA1855, RP3-330M21.4) [42] NM_032538 NC_000006.11 Chr.6; Loc.6p21.1 Q5TCY1
TTBK2 (KIAA0847, SCA11, TTBK) [37] NM_173500 NC_000015.9 Chr.15; Loc.15q15.2 Q6IQ55
AURKA (AIK, ARK1, AURA, AURORA2, BTAK, MGC34538, STK15, STK6, STK7)[38, 41, 43, 46] NM_198436 NC_000020.10 Chr.20; Loc.20q13.2-q13.3 O14965
PLK1 (PLK, STPK13) [40, 41, 43, 44] NM_005030 NC_000016.9 Chr.16; Loc.16p12.1 P53350
PLK4 (SAK, STK18) [31, 41] NM_014264 NC_000004.11 Chr.4; Loc.4q28 O00444
PASK (DKFZp434O051, DKFZp686P2031, KIAA0135, PASKIN, STK37) [36] NM_015148 NC_000002.11 Chr.2; Loc.2q37.3 Q96RG2