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Table 2 AIRnet results on experimental data

From: Inferring gene regulatory networks from asynchronous microarray data with AIRnet

Intermediate Genes Connections Percentage
1 148 0.41%
2 3110 8.71%
3 12253 34.34%
4 8065 22.60%
5 1349 3.78%
Validated AIRnet Connections 24926 69.87%
Validated Random Network Connections 17841 27.90%
  1. AIRnet inferred connections found in public databases. The table shows the number of connections in the AIRnet inferred network that have the given number of intermediate connections. A Connection count of one indicates that the genes are directly connected in the graph. A count of two indicates that the genes have one intermediate gene between them in the pathway database. The percentage shows the percentage of connections in the inferred network that have this Connection count. AIRnet connections were validated almost 70% of the time, where less than 30% of the connections in random networks were validated.