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Table 4 GO annotation (Top3) for module hubs and inter-module hubs

From: Exploring hierarchical and overlapping modular structure in the yeast protein interaction network

GO Module Hubs   Inter-module Hubs  
BP Protein catabolic process 7.64 Signal transduction 4.24
RNA metabolic process 5.86 Anatomical structure morphogenesis 3.20  
Nuclear organization and biogenesis 3.95 Cell budding 3.08  
MF RNA binding 4.12 Protein kinase activity 3.26
Peptidase activity 4.10 Signal transducer activity 2.33  
Structural molecule activity 1.48 DNA binding 1.45  
CC Nucleus 7.29 Cell cortex 1.69
Endomembrane system 3.78 Site of polarized growth 1.46  
Golgi apparatus 2.71 Cytoskeleton 1.32  
  1. The numbers indicate the corresponding -log P-values.