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Table 1 Ovarian tumor and reproductive phenotypes in selected mouse strains

From: Tumor and reproductive traits are linked by RNA metabolism genes in the mouse ovary: a transcriptome-phenotype association analysis

Strain Tumor frequencya Litter sizeb Number of litters Productive matings (%) Relative fecundity
BALB/c 3.80 4.9 3.6 55.6 9.80
C57BL/6 1.60 6.6 3.8 87.4 21.9
FVBc 7.00 9.5 4.8 90.0 41.0
SWR 57.0 7.5 2.3 58.3 10.1
  1. a Refers to spontaneously arisen tumors in inbred mice. Data corresponds to the “highest reported tumor frequency” in all literature records collected in the Mouse Tumor Biology Database [9], (;jessession=89370725979E9B939D3DD40AB4961BA5) for each strain/organ combination where organ=ovary.
  2. b Litter size, number of litters, and productive matings were taken from the Mouse Phenome Database [8] ( Data acquisition, curation and handling are described at The parameter “relative fecundity” is derived form the other 3 reproductive parameters [5].
  3. c Data of FVB strain was taken from Silver’s Mouse Genetics textbook [5].