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Table 1 Percent of coverage of CGI loci identified from the CGI library and CpGs in the human genome by each methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme.

From: Systematic evaluation of genome-wide methylated DNA enrichment using a CpG island array

Enzymes Recognition sequence Percentage coverage of CGI locis Percentage coverage of CpGs
   Number Percent CGI Library Whole genome *
HpaII (BsiSI) CCGG 8,145 87.48% 11.31% 8.60%
Hin6I (HinP1I) GCGC 7,877 84.60% 11.85% 6.40%
AciI (SsiI) CCGC 8,093 86.92% 13.10% 17.40%
HpyCH4IV ACGT 5,261 56.50% 2.88% 6.60%
BstuI CGCG 7,154 76.83% 9.14% NA
  1. * Percent coverage of CpGs in the whole genome cited from Schumacher et al., 2006, Nucleic Acids Reaserach, 34(2), 528-542, which was based on a representative 100 Kb of genomic DNA derived from the Chromosome 22 COMT region.
  2. The total number of clones on the array was 9311 and the total number of CpGs in the clones on the array was 311052.