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Table 1 Variables taken into account for the establishment of the planarian proteomic protocol using 2D gels.

From: A proteomics approach to decipher the molecular nature of planarian stem cells

Samples: Whole planarian extracts,
dissociated cell extracts,
dissociated cell and sub-fractionated extracts.
Extraction Buffers: SDS,
Processing Sample: (Precipitation procedure)
Amersham 2D clean up kit,
Isoelectric Focusing
(1st Dimension):
(Immobiline Dry strip gels 24 cm)
Linear pH 4-7,
Linear pH 7-11,
Non-linear pH 3-11.
Other Modifications: Trypsin inhibitors,
general protease inhibitors,
  1. All the different variables affecting protein sample production and 2D gel electrophoresis are listed on this table.