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Table 2 Trypanosoma cruzi strains used in this study

From: Widespread, focal copy number variations (CNV) and whole chromosome aneuploidies in Trypanosoma cruzi strains revealed by array comparative genomic hybridization

strain origin host DTU virulence drug resistance reference
Brazil Brazil Human I high low [37]
Chinata Bolivia Triatoma infestans I high ND unpublished
Colombiana Colombia Human I high moderate [21]
Esmeraldo Brazil Human IIb moderate ND [38]
M5631 Brazil Dasypus novemcinctus IIc ND ND [39]
M78 Argentina Human I low ND [40]
Montalvania Brazil Human I high moderate Andrade unpublished
PalDa1 (clone 9) Argentina Didelphis albiventris I low ND [41]
Sylvio X10/4 Brazil Human I low ND [42]
TCC unknown unknown I low ND [43]
TEDa2 (clone 4) Argentina Didelphis albiventris I ND ND [41]
TEP6 (clone 5) Argentina dog I ND ND [41]
Tu18 (clone 1) Bolivia Triatoma infestans IIb ND ND [44]
Tulahuen Chile Human IIe high low [45]
wtCL Brazil Triatoma infestans IIe high low [46]
Y Brazil Human IIb high low [47]
CL-Brener Brazil Triatoma infestans IIe high ND [48]