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Table 3 Type III effectors specific to each species

From: Comparative genomics reveals diversity among xanthomonads infecting tomato and pepper

Effector Locus tags Effector homolog Pfam domains/biochemical motifs Comments/Reference
Effectors specific toXv
XopJ2 XVE_4840 (partial); XVE_3769 (partial) AvrBsT C55-family cysteine protease or Ser/Thr acetyltransferase [40]
XopAG XVE_2415 AvrGf1 - [39]
XopAI XVE_4756 XAC3230 - [25]
Effectors specific toXg
class avrBs1 XGA_0724 AvrA (84% identity) - This study
AvrHah1 (Fragmented in assembly) XGA_4845/XGA_3187 AvrBs3 Transcriptional activator, nuclear localization AvrBs3 present in few euvesicatoria strains [41].
XopAO XGA_1250 AvrRpm1 (61% identity) - This study
XopAQ XGA_2091 Rip6/rip11 No known domains [46]
XopAS XGA_0764/0765 HopAS1 No known domains This study
Effectors specific toXp
XopC2 XPE_3585 Rsp1239 Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase [24]
XopJ4 XPE_1427 AvrXv4 SUMO protease (experimental); YopJ-like serine threonine acetyl transferase domain (predicted) [38, 105]
XopAF XPE_4185 AvrXv3 Transcriptional activator domain [37]
XopAE XPE_2919 HpaF/G LRR protein [24]
Effectors specific toXcv
AvrBs1 XCVd0104 AvrBs1 - [26]
XopC1 XCV2435 XopC Phosphoribosyl transferase domain and haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase [105]
XopJ1 XCV2156 XopJ C55-family cysteine protease or Ser/Thr acetyltransferase [105]
XopJ3 XCV0471 AvrRxv C55-family cysteine protease or Ser/Thr acetyltransferase [26]
XopO XCV1055   Unknown [26]
XopAA XCV3785 ECF Early chlorosis factor, proteasome/cyclosome repeat [26]
XopAI XCV4428 AvrRxo1 - [26]