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Table 1 D. tertiolecta transcriptome sequencing and assembly summary

From: Transcriptome sequencing and annotation of the microalgae Dunaliella tertiolecta: Pathway description and gene discovery for production of next-generation biofuels

  Sequences Bases (Mbp)
   Raw sequencing reads 1,385,389 567.6
   Average read length 410 bp  
   Trimmed 352,422  
   Trashed 20,036  
   Reads used in assembly 1,365,353 546.6
   Average read length 400 bp  
   Reads assembled as contigs 609,149 258
   Number of contigs 34,301  
   Average length of contigs 377 bp  
   Range of contigs length 86-4,258 bp  
   Depth on contigs 31  
   Number of isotigs 33,307 17.8
   Average length of isotigs 535 bp  
   Range of isotigs length 101-4,941 bp  
   Depth on isotigs 2.1  
Singletons 376,482 70.1
Unique sequence 409,789  
  1. 1While this manuscript was in the review process, Newbler v2.5 became publicly available. We reassembled the D. tertiolecta transcriptome using Newbler v2.5 and the outcomes of assembly in comparison with those obtain from v2.3 are presented as the Additional file 1. The differences observed between the outputs of two versions were not significant to impact the major or minor conclusions of this study, and are consistent with reports from Ewen-Campen et al. [77].