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Figure 1

From: Copy number variation of microRNA genes in the human genome

Figure 1

Comparison of observed and expected number (fraction) of miRNA loci located in different CNV regions. Expected values were estimated based on the fraction of the genome covered by CNVs. A) Graph showing the fractions of miRNA loci (observed number of CNV-miRNAs; green bars) and the genome (expected number of CNV-miRNAs; orange bars) covered by two sets of 'polymorphic' CNVs. Binomial probabilities of equal or lower than the observed number of miRNA loci covered by CNVs are indicated over the bars. B) and C) The fractions of miRNA loci and the genome covered by 'DGV-deposited' CNV regions gradually narrowed by the increasing number of overlapping CNVs (DGV records) (B) and the increasing number of reporting references (C).

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