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Table 2 miRNA loci localized in CNV regions validated by multiple overlapping CNVs

From: Copy number variation of microRNA genes in the human genome

miRNAs localized in 'DGV-deposited' CNV regions validated by multiple overlapping CNVs
miRNA ID miRNA position dupl. minimal CNV region # CNVs functional relevance expression (mimiRNA/[18]) conservation
mir-1977 chr1:556050-556128 chrM chr1:554340-569354 6   not reported/NA primates
mir-149 chr2:241044091-241044179   chr2:241039698-241051687 6 3) downregulated in squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue [44] in multiple tissues/high vertebrates
mir-566 chr3:50185763-50185856   chr3:50173490-50214015 7   in several tissues/absent primates
mir-1324 chr3:75762604-75762699   chr3:75761737-75839337 6   not reported/NA primates
mir-570 chr3:196911452-196911548   chr3:196905807-196918722 9   in several tissues/absent primates
mir-548i-2 chr4:9166887-9167035   chr4:9152768-9182838 9   not reported/NA primates
mir-548i-3 chr8:7983873-7984021   chr8:7965981-8024983 14   not reported/NA primates
mir-383 chr8:14755318-14755390   chr8:14741501-14763659 8 4) downregulated in non-obstructive azoospermia [39] in multiple tissues/absent vertebrates
mir-661 chr8:145091347-145091435   chr8:145090343-145104971 8 5) downregulates the expression of metastatic tumor antigen 1 (MTA1), inhibits the motility, invasiveness, anchorage-independent growth, and tumorigenicity of cancer cells [48] in several tissues (mostly ovary and ovary-derived cancers)/absent primates
mir-1299 chr9:68292059-68292141   chr9:68291272-68298205 7   not reported/NA primates
mir-126 chr9:138684875-138684959   chr9:138680837-138688363 14 6) suppresses cell growth in colon cancer [43]; downregulates HOXA9, playing a role in the development of many organs and often upregulated in myeloid leukemias [37]; regulates angiogenic signaling and vascular integrity [38]; overexpressed in ALL and AML [42] high, in multiple tissues/high vertebrates
mir-202 chr10:134911006-134911115   chr10:134903011-134918923 10   in several tissues/absent vertebrates
mir-1268 chr15:20014593-20014644   chr15:19975453-20046356 37 1) see Table 1 not reported/NA primates
mir-1233 chr15:32461562-32461643 chr15 chr15:32461525-32469857 9 1) see Table 1 not reported/NA primates
mir-1233 chr15:32607783-32607864 chr15 chr15:32599966-32615283 17 1) see Table 1 not reported/NA primates
mir-662 chr16:760184-760278   chr16:750040-764098 6   in several tissues/absent primates
mir-1972 chr16:68621750-68621826 chr11 chr16:68621490-68653097 6   not reported/NA primates
mir-142 chr17:53763592-53763678   chr17:53751608-53767652 11 7) increased expression correlates with rejection of organ transplants [40]; overexpressed in pre-B-ALL patients [46]; potentially involved in the development of blood cancer or brain tumors [45] high, in multiple tissues/absent vertebrates
mir-1270 chr19:20371080-20371162   chr19:20370872-20383238 9   not reported/NA primates
mir-663 chr20:26136822-26136914   chr20:26136626-26139184 6   in several tissues/NA primates
mir-650 chr22:21495270-21495365   chr22:21494381-21502189 38 1) see Table 1 in several tissues/high primates
mir-514-2 chrX:146171153-146171240   chrX:146168796-146174575 6   in several tissues/NA mammals
mir-514-3 chrX:146173851-146173938   chrX:146168796-146174575 6   in several tissues/NA mammals
  1. dupl. - localization of duplicated copies; mimiRNA/[18] - miRNA expression according to database mimiRNA/and according to resent result of expression analysis in primary fibroblast cells (high - high expression, absent - low or undetectable expression in fibroblast cells, NA - not analyzed).