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Figure 4

From: Global gene expression profile progression in Gaucher disease mouse models

Figure 4

Group 3 over expressed genes in 9 V/null. Two-dimensional hierarchical cluster analyses of the 117 genes in cluster 3 (Figure 3) from 9 V/null lung showed high expression at ages of 12-, 18-, or 28-wk compared with the genes in 4L and WT lungs. Among these 117 genes, 40 were macrophage activation genes and included 13 pro-/anti-inflammatory pathway genes. The name of each gene is listed and their major functional categories are presented at the right: macrophage activation related (red), intracellular signaling (blue), lipid metabolic process (green), catalytic activity (brown), transport (grey), and others (black). The expression level of each gene at different time points is coded according to the color scale.

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