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Table 2 Pure hormonal (T) responsive genes

From: The testosterone-dependent and independent transcriptional networks in the hypothalamus of Gpr54 and Kiss1 knockout male mice are not fully equivalent

   Hormonal Effect  
Genotype Gene Target FC (95%CI) Direction p -value
GKO Abca8a 1.57(1.33-1.87) Down 2.83E-05
GKO Klk1b22 2.16(1.43-3.25) Down 0.0042
KKO Gnrhr 2.33(1.63-3.33) Down 0.0009
  1. FC = fold change, CI = confidence interval, Dir = direction of change, relative to T. GKO = GPR54 knockout, KKO = Kisspeptin knockout.