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Table 2 Orthology relationships among ePKs of S. mansoni, B. malayi, and C. elegans and RNAi phenotype for C. elegans proteins

From: Eukaryotic Protein Kinases (ePKs) of the Helminth Parasite Schistosoma mansoni

Group S. mansoni C. elegans Brugi malayi C. elegans RNAi phenotype
  Smp_053560 C44C8.6_Ce e K08F8.1 - Embryonic Lethal
  Smp_123640 F19C6.1_Ce - Embryonic lethal, maternal sterile, organism morphology variant.
  Smp_136750 Y47D3A.16_Ce Bm1_44635 Larval lethal, fertility reduced
  Smp_158560 K08B12.5_Ce Bm1_02320 Body morphology defect, slow growth
  Smp_096310 pkc-3_Ce_A Bm1_03335 Embryonic lethal, sterile, body morphology defect
  Smp_139480 vab-1_Ce_T Bm1_03410 Embryonic lethal, body morphology defect
  Smp_026510, Smp_151670 mek-2_Ce - Embryonic lethal, sterile, reduced brood size, exploted through vulva, slow growth
  Smp_096640 gck_1_Ce - cortical dynamics defective early embryonic, maternal sterile
  Smp_163420 mig_15_Ce Bm1_32540 Abnormal cell migration, protruding vulva, developmental delay
  Smp_068060 kin_18_Ce Bm1_55590 Embryonic lethal, body morphology defect, slow growth, sterile, larval lethal, dumpy
  Smp_131800 Y59A8B.23_CE Bm1_11845 More depolarized oocytes
  Smp_150260 C04A11.3_Ce Bm1_26435 Slow growth, larval lethal late L3/L4
  Smp_079760 pat4_Ce_TK Bm1_20815 Embryonic lethal, body morphology defect, larval lethal, sterile,
paralyzed, uncoordinated movement, paralyzed
  Smp_176990 lin45_Ce_T Bm1_40290 Sterile, osmotic integrity problems
  Smp_068960 F22D6.5_Ce Bm1_12230 Embryonic lethal, slow growth, sterile progeny, uncoordinateed movement
  Smp_041770 spk_1_Ce - Embryonic lethal, larval lethal, maternal sterile
  Smp_172700 cdk_4_Ce - Locomotion variant, larval lethal, sterile progeny
  Smp_133020 pmk-1_Ce, pmk-2_Ce - Apoptosis increased, sterile progeny, reduced brood size, embryonic lethal
  Smp_134260, Smp_133490, Smp_133500 C05D10.2 - Reduced brood size, embryonic lethal
  Smp_080730 cdk_1_Ce - embryonic lethal, sterile progeny
  Smp_155720, Smp_125310, Smp_008260.1 Y18D10A.5_Ce, C44H4.6_Ce - Larval lethal, slow growth, embryonic lethal
  Smp_156990 F39H11.3_Ce Bm1_33825 Sterile
  Smp_176620 B0495.2_Ce, ZC504.3_Ce Bm1_17240 Embryonic lethal
  Smp_003000 H25P06.2_Ce - Embryonic lethal, slow growth, uncoordinated movement
  Smp_150040 Cdk_7_Ce Bm1_14135 Embryonic lethal
  Smp_140700, Smp_074080 lit_1_Ce Bm1_130 Embryonic lethal, larval lethal
  Smp_141230 mbk_2_Ce Bm1_38345 Embryonic lethal, sterile progeny
  1. Orthology relationships were inferred based on phylogenetic trees. RNAi phenotype for C. elegans were visualized by recent work [68] that relied on identification and analysis of essential genes.