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Table 2 5-mer motifs significantly enriched in 1000-bp regions upstream of guard cell or leaf ABA-regulated genes

From: Common and unique elements of the ABA-regulated transcriptome of Arabidopsis guard cells

5-mer motifs ABA-induced genes 5-mer motifs ABA-repressed genes
  GC (P< 10-10) LF(P< 10-10)   GC (P< 10-4)a LF(P< 10-4)a
ACGTG 7.5E-90 4.2E-32 CCACT 4.3E-07 2.6E-04
CACGT 1.2E-84 1.3E-33 CCAAC 2.1E-06 9.6E-04
CCACG 5.7E-56 4.1E-11 CAACT 3.0E-05 1.4E-04
ACACG 1.5E-51 5.8E-21 CACAT 7.2E-05 1.1E-03
CGTGT 1.7E-47 1.1E-22 GGTCC 1.3E-04 7.7E-07
CGTGG 5.6E-36 2.0E-08 TGCAA 2.5E-03 1.1E-05
GTGTC 1.7E-24 2.5E-03 GTCCC 7.5E-04 2.8E-05
GCCAC 8.6E-23 >0.01 GACCA >0.01 5.3E-05
GTGGC 1.3E-16 5.9E-05    
GACAC 5.9E-15 >0.01    
GACGT 7.3E-13 3.1E-07    
CACGC 1.2E-12 1.2E-05    
TACGT 5.5E-12 6.6E-12    
GTCGG 9.9E-12 6.8E-03    
CCGAC 1.5E-11 1.5E-03    
ACGTA 1.7E-11 1.3E-13    
TCCAC 2.9E-11 2.2E-05    
TGTCG 8.9E-11 5.8E-03    
  1. Motifs marked in bold are subsequences of ABRE considered in Table 1. Underlined motifs exhibit tissue specificity (GC vs LF) based on our analysis (Additional file 3). For convenient comparison of GC and LF, P-values falling beyond the thresholds (see Methods) are also listed. aMotifs appearing in more than 15000 loci are not listed.