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Table 4 Families of known mobile genetic elements identified in flax BES

From: Physical mapping and BAC-end sequence analysis provide initial insights into the flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) genome

Type Super Family No. of Families Families
Retrotransposon Copia 19 Alfare2, Angela1, Barbara, BARE-2, BNR1, CPSC4A, Maximus, Opie2, Prem3, Shacop11, SPRT1, Stonor, TLC1, TNT1, TONT2, Topscotch, TORTL1, TOS17, TOTO1
  Gypsy 27 Atlantys, Bagy1, Bnintmo, Calypshan2, Carep, Cereba, Cinful1, CRM-I, Daniela, Dea1, Del, Diaspora, Erika1, Fatima, Ogre, Grande1, Gret1, Gycume1, Gypot1, Gypshan2, Gypsode1, Megy, Ophelia1, Ram12, Sore1, Tekay, Truncator
  LINEs 5 BALN1, BVL1, CIN4, FMLN1, Shaline10
  SINEs 4 BoSB10A, Casine, Ormosia, Sadhu4-2
DNA Transposon   7 THRIA, TLP3, TNAT1A, TNR1, Tourist, TPN1, TWIF
  Total 62