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Figure 3

From: The impact of oxygen on the transcriptome of recombinant S. cerevisiae and P. pastoris - a comparative analysis

Figure 3

Overlay of transcriptome data on the S. cerevisiae metabolic map. Fold change data of the pairwise comparison hypoxic vs. normoxic (HvsN) of the recombinant S. cerevisiae (A) and P. pastoris (B) strain are overlapped with the metabolic map of S. cerevisiae (MetaCyc, SGD database [66]). Each node in the diagram represents a single metabolite, and each line represents a single bioreaction. In the right part of the diagram the small molecule metabolism is represented (for a complete description of the map see Reaction lines are colour-coded (three colour bins) according to the fold change value of the gene: red for data values that exceed a log2 fold change threshold of 0.59, yellow for data values less than the inverse of the threshold, and blue for values in between. Detailed lists of all the regulated pathways, together with their diagrams and corresponding gene lists are provided in additional file 2 (for S. cerevisiae) and 3 (for P. pastoris). Depicted pathways are indicated by numbers, according to the table shown in additional file 4. The ergosterol pathway (n.20) and glycolysis (n.69) are indicated by dashed boxes.

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