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Figure 4

From: The impact of oxygen on the transcriptome of recombinant S. cerevisiae and P. pastoris - a comparative analysis

Figure 4

Clustering comparison graphical output. The output of the hierarchical clustering (correlation based distance, average linkage) of the fold changes of all pairwise comparisons of oxygen provision is displayed in form of a dendrogram attached to a heat map, with the two main branches indicated by a red line (A). The clustered matrix is linked to the outcome (line-plots) of the k-means clustering (k = 10) (B). The clustering comparison correspondence is displayed in the central part of the graph. It is depicted as lines of varying thickness, mapping sub-branches of the tree to flat clustering superclusters. Line thickness is proportional to the number of elements common to both sets. Pairwise comparisons in S. cerevisiae (Sc) and P. pastoris (Pp) are abbreviated as follows: HvsL (hypoxic vs. oxygen-limited), HvsN (hypoxic vs. normoxic) and LvsN (oxygen-limited vs. normoxic). Fab = Fab producing strain, Cont = control strain.

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