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Figure 3

From: Genome-wide dynamics of a bacterial response to antibiotics that target the cell envelope

Figure 3

Bacterial cell wall peptidoglycan biosynthesis and the effects of bacitracin (Bac), moenomycin (Moe) and vancomycin (Van). (A) The intracellular and extracytoplasmic steps of peptidoglycan biosynthesis in S. coelicolor illustrating the different reactions inhibited by each antibiotic. (B) Heatmap summarising the significant changes in expression of genes involved in bacterial cell wall peptidoglycan biosynthesis following treatment with Bac, Moe or Van. Genes are grouped according to their involvement in the cytoplasmic (i) or extracytoplasmic (ii) stages of biosynthesis illustrated in Figure 3A, or known involvement in the synthesis of alternate cell wall precursors (the van gene cluster, Hong et al. [43]) (iii). Genes significantly up- or down-regulated relative to the control (Ctrl) are indicated by a + or -, respectively, and the magnitude of the change is colour coded according to the legend shown. Genes not significantly differently expressed by one of the antibiotics relative to the control are represented by faded boxes.

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