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Figure 1

From: Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of the highly complex Pisum sativum genome using next generation sequencing

Figure 1

Length distribution of contigs (A) and singletons (B). Length distribution of unigenes obtained from the first pass MIRA assembly (blue) and the additional second pass assembly with TGICL including CAP3 (red). (A) Length distribution of all contigs. There are 128,767 contigs with the largest contig size of 6283 nucleotides in the MIRA assembly and 45,686 contigs after the second pass TGIGL/CAP3 assembly with the largest contig size of 6258 nucleotides. (B) Length distribution of all singletons that were employed for subsequent analysis. The MIRA assembly resulted in 195,661 singletons, 35,763 singletons remained after TGICL/CAP3 assembly.

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