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Table 5 Correlation coefficients between expression profiles of the different normalized leaf libraries and the non-normalized leaf library; the expression was determined as the number of reads mapping to an AGI; R1 non normalized library LNR

From: Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of the highly complex Pisum sativum genome using next generation sequencing

compared libraries Spearman's rank coefficient
R1 vs. N1 0.7620616
R1 vs. N2 0.7490598
R1 vs. N3 0.6996976
R1 vs. N4 0.7269965
R1 vs. N5 0.6974041
N1 vs. N2 0.9134052
N1 vs. N3 0.8691016
N1 vs. N4 0.8862503
N1 vs. N5 0.8048091
N2 vs. N3 0.8629818
N2 vs. N4 0.8800997
N2 vs. N5 0.7952054
N3 vs. N4 0.8360410
N3 vs. N5 0.7496826
N4 vs. N5 0.7811579