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Table 1 The three executions of the motif detection procedure

From: Escherichia coli genome-wide promoter analysis: Identification of additional AtoC binding target elements

Executions Specified positions upstream TSS Initial promoter set Qualified promoter set
1 from -184 to -165 All E. coli promoters atoD, galU, yhjR-bcsE, narZ, puuP, mdlA, dmsA, crr
2 from -184 to -165 sigma-54 factor-related promoters atoD, rtcR, ibpB
3 from -184 to -165 Two-component target promoters atoD, dmsA, borD, csgD, pstS, glnH, dctA, yebE, nirB, torC, asr, tppB, acrD,
  1. The computational workflow was performed many times varying different parameters. Here are shown the three successful executions that corresponded to three different initial promoter sets.