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Table 2 The four different motifs matching the palindromic AtoC binding site

From: Escherichia coli genome-wide promoter analysis: Identification of additional AtoC binding target elements

Motif No. Log-likelihood score Consensus Logo
Motif 1 117.6 GCkATrCrrnnATTTrCwCA
Motif 2 51.8 GnGnAAnTTyCTGCAwAGCC
Motif 3 168.6 wnnnwrsAwAwmrnknmAnr
Motif 4 66.3 nCknATnmGrnnnTnACGCm
  1. Motifs 1-3 are the top scoring motifs derived of each of the three aforementioned executions. Motif 4 is an intermediary motif of unexpectedly high conservation among different intergenic regions.